Soon to launch (November), our Teacher’s Packs which bring Frogmore Paper Mill to your school.  Covid 19 may stop you visiting, or maybe you live too far away for a trip, but now our packs, funded by the Heritage Emergency Fund and created by paper experts, provide all you need to deliver KS1 & KS2 Science – Paper, in your classroom.

The pack contains, structured work plans to deliver in class, what you need to get lists, photocopiable worksheets, simple experiments and background facts. Also included is a mould and deckle to enable you to make paper in school using the written instructions and instructional film. There are 3 films in total for staff to ‘gen up’, deliver and show to the class; how to make paper in school, how Robert began the paper mechanisation story and close-up footage of how a Fourdrinier paper machine works.

KS1 pack contains 18 pages of curriculum linked, reference cards, a mould and deckle, 3 films, in a sturdy card box.

KS2 pack contains 32 pages of curriculum linked, reference/activity/worksheet cards, a mould and deckle, 3 films and magnified fibre images, in a sturdy card box.

Or buy both together!

More details soon. Contact