NEXT: FRIDAY 1ST SEPTEMBER, 5.30-10pm. The weather is warming (well slightly) and that means we are getting close to the first of our Street Food Festivals for 2023.  Friday 2nd June, 5.30-10pm, please join us for tasty food, fab drinks, music and a great atmosphere in our yard.  Yard does not sound greatly attractive but by the time we have finished with it you will be very surprised. Entry is free. Delicious food from around the world, award winning drinks and sweet desserts and coffees. Pop in, save cooking and enjoy the atmosphere. Vendors include Emilios Mediterranean, Funky Elephant, Dough with the Flow, BurgerBuzz, Coffee Heroes, Campfire Gin and Pope’s Yard Brewery.


Next:  Friday 1st September 2023, 5.30-10pm.