Author, Michael Stanyon, who formed and developed the archive at Frogmore Paper Mill, has written numerous learned articles and theses on the history of paper in the Gade Valley. The latest 2 publications have been produced by Mike with all proceeds going to the fire recovery fund.

Following the Paper Trail: in Hertfordshire’s Gade Valley – Michael Stanyon isbn 9781909851061 £3.

This publication aims to correctly record Apsley and the Mills of The Gade Valley, as a crucible for change. The birthplace in paper’s industrial revolution at Frogmore in 1803 and the subsequent innovations of John Dickinson which took place in the mills of The Gade Valley, deserve international recognition.  This highly readable book, recounts the key historical moments and characters that formed the local area we know today, and changed paper production and communication forever. Fully illustrated.

From Domesday to Today: the life of a Hertfordshire Paper Mill – Michael Stanyon isbn 9781909851061 £3

Hamper Mill on the River Colne is special amongst the majority of paper mills, as the structure of the mill has remained intact, as a living community. Hamper Mill records were preserved by the previous owner.  Combined, these rich sources of information, have allowed Hamper Mill create an insightful glimpse of past papermaking practise.  Research for this publication was carried out over a period of ten years with the kind assistance of Gloria Thompson and Virginia Silvester. Fully illustrated.

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All proceeds go to the Frogmore Paper Mill Recovery Fund.  Please indicate the titles required in the message box when ordering.