Frogmore Heritage Papers – Meadow Mix in approximately 200gsm and 280gsm.

WHY? – a minimum of 80% recycled fibre, with UK native seeds that grow.

This paper contains a minimum of 80% recycled fibre, with an inclusion of flower and plant seeds and zero harmful chemicals. Seed paper can be used for a wide range of creative applications, such as packaging, corporate stationery, wedding invitations and greetings cards.

The team is led by a second generation artisan papermaker. Each sheet is hand torn and
our careful production methods keep the seed in the condition in which it arrived at the mill, giving it every chance of successful germination. The inclusions are UK native wildflower seeds and grass seeds, perfect to plant without introducing invasive species. When the paper is no longer required, it can be planted and do its bit for our insect and bird

ADDED BONUS – supporting a piece of history.

A purchase of Frogmore Heritage Paper supports the preservation of industrial history.
Frogmore Paper Mill was the site of the first mechanised paper machine in the world, in 1803. Think what your job might be like without this invention! Our small patch of the Gade River, gave rise to the two major types of paper machine still in use today (the 2nd in 1809).

The Apsley Paper Trail charitable trust, operates the site and exists to preserve this
history. Our paper production is on view for visitors to see. Our papermakers operate a 1902 Fourdrinier paper machine, which continues the site’s historical legacy, enabling us to
produce our artisan papers and to demonstrate the machine process at a pace ideal for both viewer comprehension and for making Meadow Mix!

Not only that, The British Paper Company purchased Frogmore Mill to recycle paper in 1890! We started that too!


Frogmore Heritage Paper, Meadow Mix, is a premium product. The distribution of seeds and the paper’s surface are incomparable.


The Trust is working towards a bright and sustainable future. We are currently planning
a new, exciting Visitor Centre and every paper sale helps the charity grow.


email: (not a sales team but the papermakers who make our wonderful papers and boards.