Leave a Legacy


The Apsley Paper Trail exists to educate the public in the art and science of paper-based communication including its history, present and future. It works to conserve and maintain buildings, equipment and documents connected with paper production and usage in the United Kingdom, particularly in the valley of the River Gade. The vision of the Trust is to become a leading example of a working industrial heritage site, preserving the historic machinery, apparatus, buildings, archive and artisanal skills which reflect Frogmore’s unique position in world history. Frogmore Mill will develop into an accessible, innovative and sustainable visitor attraction, with a state of the art museum, education centre, gallery, conference centre and nature reserve. It will explore the important role of the Gade Valley, celebrating key historical figures that shaped this significant heritage site and providing a unique insight into sustainability and the role of paper in the climate emergency. The world’s first mechanised paper machine was placed at Frogmore in 1803. This machine was to revolutionise paper production around the world and increase accessibility to paper and the printed word. Named after its investors, the Fourdrinier conveyor paper machine was the beginning of an industrial revolution in the local area, changing local lives and surrounding infrastructure. Just six years later, a second paper machine invented by John Dickinson was installed 600 metres away at Apsley Mill, a site owned by the charity. The Cylinder Mould Machine offered the ability to sandwich layers of paper and include silk threads as a security measure. Both types of machine are still in use today. John Dickinson, stationer and inventor of the Gade Valley had 38 ideas patented in his name and The John Dickinson Company was to become a major employer in the area, with branches around the world. The inheritors of the paper legacy, Sir John Evans, Sir Arthur Evans, Lewis Evans and Joan Evans were all remarkable in their own right, in archaeology, numismatics and the creation of the mill’s fire brigade, in addition to their duties to paper. In 1890 Herbert Sanguinetti acquired Frogmore Mill for the formation of The British Paper Company, to recycled paper. The industrial heritage of the Gade Valley which we represent, is truly world changing and we would be delighted if you left a legacy to the Apsley Paper Trail Trust.


Writing and updating your will is the only effective way to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled. We strongly recommend that you seek advice from a professional to ensure that your wishes will be carried out.


The total value of your estate includes the value of any possessions, including properties that you own, minus any debts such as your mortgage. Consider all beneficiaries of your will and how you would like to apportion any gift. Think about who might be your executor/s and best able to carry out your wishes. An executor can be a friend or legal representative and they can also be a beneficiary of the will. It is advisable to get their agreement.


Keep your will safe. Many people choose to leave their will with a solicitor. It is advisable to keep copies of the will for yourself and to give to your executor(s). The Apsley Paper Trail cannot hold original copies of your will. Updating your will is important as your circumstances are likely to change throughout your life. If you have already drafted your will but would like to include a gift to the Apsley Paper Trail, this can easily be achieved by use of a codicil. Your legal advisor can provide you with more advice on this matter.

Deciding who to support when creating or updating your will is a big decision and we understand that you would like to think seriously before making any firm decisions. If you do make the decision to support us, please let us know. We would very much like to thank you properly and keep you informed of our developments, priorities and work, as well as keeping you updated as to how we’re using income from gifts in wills. We would also keep you updated on projects related to your gift, if appropriate. If, however you would like to opt out of updates, you are welcome to do so.

If you require further information or would like to discuss a possible bequest, please contact: trustees@frogmorepapermill.org.uk

You can download a pdf version of this leaflet here:

Bequest Leaflet