A special guest joined us on Thursday 31st August for his birthday treat. Norman ‘Nobby’ Owens, employee of  The British Paper Company, at Frogmore Mill, took a trip down memory lane. Staff were able to assist his daughter by organising a trip to the mill he constantly talks about. During his years at Frogmore, ‘Nobby’ took a number of roles, including colourman, foreman and storeman. He had not forgotten a bit of it and regaled us with many amusing tales and claimed he could run Fourdrinier No.4 (the blue one) on his own even now! We were able to arrange a short viewing of the machine he long worked on too.  The sight of Fourdrinier No.2 (the green one) brought his expertise flooding back. He was delighted to see a certain piece of graffiti preserved on the wall too!