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Just received the paper and we are absolutely delighted with it. We will order more in the future and tell all our friends about your products. Didn’t think I could get excited about paper! :)

Our papermakers offer a bespoke papermaking service for orders of both handmade sheets and machine made papers, not currently in stock and of commercially viable quantity. We have produced many special makings for designers, artists, advertising agencies and paper merchants. We have a reputation for fine quality unusual papers, many with inclusions.

Our machine made papers are made on our 1902, No 4 Fourdrinier paper machine, which has a reel width of 18″. Makings can be of between 120gsm and 300gsm weight and of at least our minimum quantity of 100kgs. This lovely heritage machine enables us to make papers unique to us, from plain cartridge papers to ‘specials’ with inclusions, such as seeds, petals, silver foils, banana and animal poo papers.

For some bespoke requests a trial may be required. A half day machine trial is charged at £450 and any paper made is yours to take away.

If you are interested in a bespoke making, please complete the enquiry form below.

Our paper maker can then advise you if it is feasible, any technical requirements and possible wait time on production – we are always busy.


“Great paper, you can really throw a lot of paint at it!”

Bespoke Papermaking Enquiry

We are in a unique position to be able to offer interested parties a paper trial, subject to it being suitable for our facilities.

Our Fourdrinier No.4 papermaking machine has a wire width of 19″ and can make paper weights between 120gsm and 300gsm. So if you are a creative, a papermaker or business person, and want to try an idea out, you are welcome to get in touch.  We have done many past trials using by-products, special inclusions, or matching a technical requirement. If we can do it, we will.

A Half Day Trial is £450 +VAT and you take away any paper produced.

If you are interested please email All proposals will be assessed for suitability by our Production Manager

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