Since the devastating fire in January, we’ve been overwhelmed by your response. Thank you to everyone who has offered to support us so far. Until now we have been focussed on salvage and we are pleased to report that the first items rescued on the night of the fire have been restored and we’re looking forward to welcoming them back to Frogmore soon.
The next phase of our recovery is to re-open as soon as possible. With every day that we remain closed we lose a huge amount of revenue and our future is in jeopardy. To do this, we need to create a new temporary exhibition space and visitor centre. This will let us get back to doing what we do best, inspiring and educating our community all about paper, sustainability and the unique place Frogmore has in world history!
Do please help today and be part of our story.
There are many ways you can help. We would be delighted if you could help us in any way.


We have 2 ways to donate.
Frogmore Donation Page
This is handy of you prefer to pay by card. We do incur a small transaction fee if you use this method.
Or you can donate via the Wonderful* campaign page we have set up, which provides a free of charge service! Wonderful offer a card-free platform, where donations are completed via Open Banking, which is a simple and direct bank transfer between the donor and the charity’s bank account.
You can use this link or the QR code below.


You can also use these links to fundraise.
If you prefer to set up a fundraising campaign, you can have fun or try something daring, while you raise much needed funds; skydiving, a bring-and-buy sale, or challenge yourself to achieve a personal goal. There are lots of possibilities. On our Wonderful* campaign page, you will find all the tools you need, to help set you up a fundraiser on our behalf. Just follow the instructions.
Again this is fee free, so we will get the benefit of all your hard work. What’s more, you will be able to add to the ‘money raised’ total, at the top of the page and see the recovery fund grow.


Currently our site is closed to visitors but there is lots of work to do. Much maintenance work has continued at our Apsley Mill site, where volunteers are improving facilities for our tenants. If you are skilled in fixing things, carpentry, repairs, upholstery, decorating or carpet laying, we could use you all year round.   We also have to create a new staff office as we must leave our corner of the archive for when restored artefacts return.

We would love volunteers to help us clean the many smaller artefacts, heritage print and bookbinding equipment and paper-based books and documents. This is an enormous task but not everything could go to specialists.  They must be carefully cleaned, repacked and stored.

There is much to do!  If you wish to volunteer, just get in touch, tell us how you can help and when you might be free and we will do the coordination.  We value our volunteers and seek to make any help offered, an enjoyable experience. Email

However, you help, we will greatly appreciate it all. We look forward to the future of Frogmore Paper Mill. Thank you.
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